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LEP Founder and the LEP Program

The Leadership Empowerment (LEP) is the brainchild and personal mission of Jerrund Wilkerson, Founder and CEO. Having navigated various management roles in corporate America and in recent years, conducted numerous leadership development trainings and executive coaching sessions through his consulting business Level 10 as well as being a member of John Maxwell’s team, the internationally renowned leadership expert and author who has sold over 21 million books, as a certified coach, teacher, and speaker, he has committed to giving back and making a positive difference.

LEP  has partnered with the John Maxwell Organization to develop and implement the 22 Week Leadership Empowerment Curriculum. Each week, LEP student participants learn a key leadership quality and discuss methods to implement the instruction learned within their personal and professional lives. The strength of this curriculum is built upon John Maxwell’s years of research, teaching, and application of effective leadership practices.

The final phase of the program matches the participant with an appropriate mentor, based on career goals/fields of study.  LEP recruits a culturally diverse pool of mentors, trained in life coaching by LEP staff. Mentors guide the participants through the process of securing internships and first time job opportunities. They also continue to support participants as they settle into their respective career paths.

LEP participants also benefit from the many corporate, non-profit, as well as government partnerships established to complement the instruction learned throughout the initial training. Participants will gain real-world internship experiences built to re-emphasize the 22 Week Curriculum, and catapult them into their respective industries.

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